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CSS containment

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CSS containment is a set of browser features allowing web developers to indicate that an element and its contents are, as much as possible, independent of the rest of the document.

For example, when setting contain: paint; on an element, the browser then knows for a fact that the element and its children don't intend to draw anything outside of the element's box. This allows the browser to skip a lot of calculations, which can result in a significant performance boost.

The web component uses the transform* CSS properties in order to zoom in on a region. Although it also uses the clip-path CSS property in order to clip what is outside its box, the browser doesn't know by default that the web component doesn't intend to draw at all outside its box and reserves space for it. This causes an overflow and thus unwanted scrollbars.

To prevent this, the web component sets contain: paint; on its parent element by default. This may not be supported on older browsers and you can tweak this behavior. See browser support and attribute reference for more details.