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Image metadata parsing library (PHP 5.5+)


This is based on dchesterton/image. Many thanks to dchesterton!

Supported image types:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WEBP

Supported image meta types:

  • XMP
  • IPTC
  • EXIF

A TypeScript equivalent of this library is available here.


Pull the library in your project via Composer with:

"minimum-stability": "dev",
"repositories": [
"type": "vcs",
"url": ""
"require": {
"frameright/image-metadata-parser": "dev-master"

Dependencies: php-xml


📝 Tutorial

Get metadata

$image = Image::fromFile($filename);

$headline = $image->getXmp()->getHeadline();
$camera = $image->getExif()->getCamera();

Loading specific image type

When file type is known, you can load the file type directly using the file types' fromFile method.

$jpeg = JPEG::fromFile('image.jpg');
$png = PNG::fromFile('image.png');

Instantiate from bytes

If you don't have a file to work with but you do have the image stored in a string (from database, ImageMagick etc.) you can easily instantiate an object from the string.

$data = ...

$jpeg = JPEG::fromString($data);

Instantiate from GD or a stream

You can also create an object from a GD resource or a stream.

$gd = imagecreate(100, 100);
$jpeg = JPEG::fromResource($gd);
$stream = fopen('...', 'r+');
$jpeg = JPEG::fromStream($stream);

Aggregate metadata

When just want a piece of metadata and don't care whether it's from XMP, IPTC or EXIF, you can use the aggregate meta object.

$image = Image::fromFile($filename);
$headline = $image->getAggregate()->getHeadline();

By default it checks XMP first, then IPTC, then EXIF but you can change the priority:

$aggregate = $image->getAggregate();
$aggregate->setPriority(['exif', 'iptc', 'xmp']);

$aggregate->getHeadline(); // will now check EXIF first, then IPTC, then XMP

You can also exclude a metadata type if you do not want to use it:

$aggregate->setPriority(['iptc', 'xmp']);
$aggregate->getHeadline(); // will only check IPTC and XMP

Get GPS data

$image = ...
$gps = $image->getAggregateMeta()->getGPS(); // checks EXIF and XMP
// or $gps = $image->getExif()->getGPS();

$lat = $gps->getLatitude();